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The Hora Loca

Let the good times roll!


Envision this… the lights  have dimmed, sirens blare and the adrenaline suddenly peaks as your guests become part of a carnivalesque journey sure to add a WOW to your event. Your venue will be suddenly transformed into a place of fantasy where a team of rhinestone-and-sequin-clad dancers provide an epic cross-cultural entertainment mash-up.

Originating in South America,  La Hora Loca (“the crazy hour” in Spanish) is the single most energizing hour of your event. Hats, feathered boas, light sticks and noisemakers are distributed to ensure your guests party in style.

The Hora Loca is a perfect addition to any elegant events like weddings, sweet sixteens, quinces, and corporate parties.

The Hora Loca


Our led light show is a unique touch to any event that is sure to make all of your guests remember it forever!

From led dancing robots to our beautiful glowing wings, every led show is unique, modern and memorable. Book now and have the best party people have ever been to!

But why stop there? Add a led effect to your hora loca and receive an exclusive package deal.